Street Angels

Outreach to drug addicted people in the uk

Our Christian charity is committed in helping any human being who is in need, and has sought to offer assistance in very practical ways. Since the founding of the charity, members have focussed special interest in helping socially excluded people such as drug users, immigrants, young offenders, women at risk, homeless people.

Today many of the volunteer members who are active in our charity are people who were once in these situations and are now dedicating their time and efforts to help others in similar situations overcome their problems.

Over the years we have gained experience in befriending drug addicts, and we know how hard it is for them to confront their problem and trust people and for this reason we visit them in the locations where they buy and sell drugs, because we have learnt that in order to help them we have got to go to their social environment to get to know them, gain their trust and offer support in their decision to leave this life style. Whenever an individual makes the decision to rehabilitate it is important to take prompt action since their emotional instability or fear may cause them to waver again. This necessity has given rise to the setting up of the STREET ANGELS PROGRAM which aims to offer support for those individuals who want to make a new start.

The Street Angels Program aims to offer information, support, advice and the practical means for marginalized peoples living in deprived areas to leave their life style of drugs, delinquency, prostitution or living in the street and make a new start on life.

This program is about reaching out to those in need of the love of God and His good News and meeting them in their own familiar environment.

Monday to Saturday visits are made in many depressed zones of cities around the UK including London, Sheffield, Manchester, where there is a concentration of drug users and other marginalized peoples. During these visits members go out walking on foot around the streets offering food and drink and making contacts/ befriending individuals. They are offered tracts and magazines with help telephone numbers and information of the Remar support centres in the UK. These daily and nightly visits favour relationship building with these individuals who little by little feel encouraged to take that step which will lead to their ultimate decision made to seek permanent help.

Everyday a van goes out with a team of tour voluntanteers who are in charge of loading and distributing food, beverages, blankets, basic first aid, and chat with the people. Individuals who are ready to and have decided to for rehabilitation are at that moment driven to REMAR centres where they see love in action.

Do you want to become a Street Angel?

You can contact us on 0791 758 5056 or use the form on our contact us page.

Did you know?

"There are no official statistics for youth homelessness; the best current estimate of youth homelessness in Britain is 32,000 16-21 year olds" this likely to be minimum. (Source: Children in Need, 2005.)

"Drug taking among the homeless was high - particularly the use of recreational drugs. In addition, 43% had taken heroin and 38% crack cocaine. Many were poly-drug users and just over a quarter had injected drugs. Almost all the young people smoked on a regular basis and a considerable number were adopting risky drinking habits - with 14% IDENTIFIED AS PROBLEM DRINKERS". (Source: report 258: by the Home Office Feb 2003)

The young people became homeless for a variety of complex reasons but often for conflict and abuse. Substance was the next common factor for homelessness. Youth were asked to leave for minor drinking or substance use. Their substance use was one of the major barriers they faced when trying to gain access to temporary or permanent accommodation.

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