Aid to Africa & Asia

Aid to Asia and Africa

How are young offenders and ex-drug addicts helping children in Africa and India today

The young people who come to our centres are encouraged to get involved in our Projects: Aid to Africa and Aid to India. We aim to build a sense of purpose and social consciousness in socially excluded youths and ex-offenders. They help prepare our humanitarian aid containers which are sent by shipment to African and Asia countries every other month.

All sorts of things are being collected to help peoples whose lives are devastated by poverty and hunger in these poor countries. Foods, baby care, medicines, school materials, clothes old and new, paint and much bigger products such as machinery and all types of things that might be unwanted and thrown out by us, are seen as life-changing by people in Mozambique, Ghana, India or the Philippines.

The youths are often surprised how our unwanted, old or new items are recyclable and valued by others. The simple fact of being involved in practical and useful activities which are helping other individuals of whom are greatly worse off than themselves is a benefit to the people in our centres. Some individuals have on completion of their programs become volunteers in these projects overseas helping to fight against famine and relieve suffering. With a little encouragement, everyone can be useful and productive.

The youths are at the same time learning productive and relevant operational skills in warehouse management and distribution. They learn how to sort, select, order, record and pack all types of products perishable and non-perishable into the containers. They have to ensure that maximum available space is used and care is taken in packing so items will endure the long journey required by sea to safely arrive in their African destinations.

Some youths take charge of the storage and ordering of goods in the warehouse while others are busy in the fetching, collecting or receiving of donations from locations and sources all over Britain. Learning occupational skills and workplace disciplines is an effective means of preparation for youths to gain access to workplaces in the job market.

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