• Community Life

Community life

Community life in REMAR is part of the therapeutic way of reconstructing and creating order & stability in broken lives. This is one of the unique sides of this charity association where individuals can, within the context of an extended family environment, receive the guidance, encouragement and support they need to face their problems and experience healing and understanding.

Why we do it and what's good about community life

Community life is healing...

It is another element at Remar which will help your recovery. Maybe you've spent a long time on your own on the street or in some flat. It's time to be sociable again. You learn a lot about yourself living with other people. In the nitty-gritty of everyday life, you can work out your problems, practice at being a better communicator and learn how to get on with others. You need these things to help you hold down a job. But this time you are not on your own. We're in it together. We are here to encourage you every day.

Community life is about family...

It's about family life but maybe not the way you've been used to. If you've been in a broken home or marriage, this situation could be quite scary. Family life is often where things started to go wrong and maybe you became depressed or turned to some addiction to hide or forget. But so many people are surprised to find and experience how a wholesome kind of love breaks through fear and failure in relationships. But the right kind of love and care can make you feel a person again and give you hope of a better life. Community life offers you a safe environment to value yourself again and put your mistakes behind you.

Community life is about learning life skills...

Getting back into a normal daily life routine is important for you to feel part of it again. You start with the small things then bit by bit you'll be amazed at the things you can do. Maybe you've got talents that you've never used. It's time to get your confidence back.


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