What we do

  • We fight for disadvantaged people in the UK to relieve all suffering from poverty, social exclusion, sickness and particularly among people affected by substance addictions which includes solvent abuse, drug and alcoholism addiction etc. 
  • Within our Christian community centers, we aim to offer help and restoration of such people and their families
  • We are a registered charity in the UK. Our services are completely free.
  • We have a burden to reach out and care for young offenders and their families.
  • We educate the public and those affected by solvent abuse, drug, and alcohol addiction and raise public awareness of the danger of drug misuse.

What makes Remar UK different?

Remar gets people off from living on the streets, free from addictions, depression, delinquency, and many other desperate situations. REMAR puts them back on their feet again, shakes off their doubts and fears about themselves, takes the focus off themselves, then looks for useful, and creative ways that they can help others out of similar situations.

Remar offers support to people for free. You can come to live with us in our centers to sort yourself out for free. Don't bring anything, just yourself. Although it is a non-governmental registered charity. We fundraise ourselves through different small businesses and schemes.

And what also is interesting about Remar is that the majority of its team members have been helped by Remar and have decided to stay on to become part of the solution. The once marginalized are now reaching out to others. Who better to understand you and your problems... now that's a success story!

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