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Joaquin Munt

Head Pastor Joaquin Munt

Joaquin Munt has had fifteen years of experience of working with a whole range of socially excluded people and especially with alcoholics and drug users. He has worked and managed centers in Colombia, Guatemala, Spain and The UK.

He explains, "When Remar was launched in the UK in the early 90's it became very apparent that it would fill a gap in the service provision for socially excluded people and individuals with addictions. Unlike many public institutions, we can offer a unique therapeutic environment in the way of an extended family community".

"In this loving context, individuals with complex needs are cared for and are encouraged to gain new confidence whilst being taught the life skills and self-discipline they need to stay off drugs."

"I'm convinced that Remar offers a unique and valuable support service to people with addictions. It worked for me. I was addicted for fifteen years but thanks to God, it was in one such extended family community that I learned many years ago, to live free of my dependency. We run our communities based on the teachings of Christ."

"You see, a lot of programs can help people to come off drugs and alcoholism but I know of few that successfully teach people to stay off drugs. Over the years I have seen hundreds of people radically change their lives for the better in Remar."


Comment by Founder of Remar, Miguel Diez
On one occasion I met with the president of a government and He asked me this question, "How much further do you think that you will go with this social work which you are doing in our nation?" I found a spontaneous answer surging up from within my heart, We will keep on going until there is not one child without food, without a roof over his or her head, without a school, without medicine or without love and until we get there we will not stop. We will keep on going until not one drug addict, alcoholic, prostitute, senior citizen, aids victim or homeless person can be found in the streets. Until they are taken in we will never rest. We will keep on going whilst there is one soul who does not yet belong to Christ.

Comment by Founder of Remar, Mari Carmen Jimenez
The voluntary service is not something sporadic or spontaneous. It is action born out of individual's reflection or a collective group who have wondered about the causes of social injustice, poverty or inequality and then have put their every effort into changing a present reality of life in which they refuse to deem as acceptable for human beings. It is all about having regard for life. Voluntary service is an outlook on life itself.

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