Our background

The Remar charity first started its work in Vitoria, Spain, in the early eighties where it opened its first center to help all kinds of marginalized people; drug addicts, homeless, young offenders, alcoholics, depressives, prostitutes and so on. Since then over 100,000 drug addicts have passed through Remar in the last 24 years.

These addicts have come off the streets of Spain, out of hospitals, prisons, and many other institutions. This surprising success story has not gone unnoticed with 25% of assisted people having made a full recovery and around 3,000 have stayed on to join the team of volunteers in this work of compassion to help reach out to thousands more. This NGO has established thousands of homes in sites located in 58 countries around the world.

From the outset, Spanish law courts and prisons as well as in many other countries, impressed with these extraordinary results, granted thousands of youth offenders to serve their sentences in Remar Rehabilitation centers. Results are as high as 50% of clients successfully restored and reintegrated back into society.

In the last years due to the drug problem worsening in society and resulting in the increasing numbers of people needing assistance and also in response to the need to develop youth occupational skills workshops, Remar began to open its own businesses. It is now a self-financing charity. Some businesses are small sized and others medium sized but all are yearly audited and all dedicate 100%of their income for themselves and in order to help many thousands of hungry and homeless people in locations around the world. Visit the international REMAR website here.

The Remar social work has multiplied and reaches out to all kinds of people on the margins of society. It offers assistance for free and at present covers the living costs of over 12,000 people being assisted. Remar runs 20 free schools for over 6000 children, feeds over 5000 prisoners a day in Third World prisons. In addition, Remar has opened health clinics, dental clinics, hospitals, elderly homes, homes, and clinics for aids sufferers and much more.

Likewise, Remar sends out over 100 humanitarian aid containers a year to Third World destinations. These are loaded with all sorts of aid such as foods, medicines, clothes, machinery and vehicles etc Remar financially maintains development projects, at the cost of millions of euros per year in the poorest countries of the world.

Remar works with other well-known charities worldwide such as Medicos Mundi, Care, UNICEF, Red Cross and Feed the children amongst others.

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