House Rules

  1. Drugs, weapons or other illegal objects, smoking and alcoholic drinks are not allowed. Strictly for safety and security purposes you and your luggage will be searched before admission. Any drugs, weapons, tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, bottles or other illegal objects found during your search will be disposed of in your presence.
  2. Any personal documents, money or valuables in your possession will be kept securely for you in the office. An inventory of them will be made and if you decide to leave your rehabilitation they will be returned to you.
  3. For your own safety, you are not permitted to carry on your person any money during your rehabilitation period. If you are in any receipt of social security benefits you must either cancel them or donate the proceeds to Remar UK for the duration of your stay.
  4. The use of any drugs of any kind is not normally allowed. If you have need of medication it must be prescribed by your doctor and free of any tranquilizing effects.
  5. All forms of music, literature or publications of any kind must be authorized by the person in charge of the center. Anything deemed unsuitable will be disposed of in your presence.
  6. During the first stage of your rehabilitation, the person in charge will appoint someone to be your constant companion. This is for your own safety.
  7. You should expect to remain on the center premises for the first 15 days. Thereafter you may leave the center only with permission of the person in charge and only in the company of your appointed companion.
  8. You must inform the person of charge if you have any contagious illnesses or conditions, or if you are receiving treatment for any medical ailments.
  9. You must inform the person in charge of any pending or previous criminal convictions, and of your family and domestic situation
  10. You must agree to participate in all activities such as work and meetings. You are also expected to be present at meal times and to participate in all free-time activities.
  11. For their own safety, married couples who have come for rehabilitation will be separated temporarily for as long as the Remar UK leader sees fit.
  12. All sexual relationships outside of marriage are strictly forbidden whilst living at Remar. For their own protection and safety non-married couples who have come for rehabilitation will be separated.
  13. Whilst Remar UK endeavors to take all reasonable practical precautions to protect you from injury, illness or loss during your stay. Remar UK accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury, illness or loss sustained by you (even if caused by an act or failure of Remar UK or its agents) whilst in our care. You are advised to take out your own insurance to cover loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings and injury, disablement or illness.
  14. If you make a rash decision to leave the center without completing your rehabilitation you will be responsible for your home travel arrangements at your own cost and must take all your belongings with you. Anything left behind will be disposed of.
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